Sheffield Lighting

Specializing in external architectural illumination, Hona LED offer a comprehensive range of LED lighting services for the commercial sector. Starting from inception through to commissioning, we are able to assist in the planning and supply of high specification LED luminaires for all lighting applications.

With a background in lighting spanning 16 years, Hona LED have had the opportunity to grow alongside the industry and see the architecture of our landscapes change dramatically as more structures and iconic buildings are being illuminated in new, innovative ways. Modern LED technologies now allow endless possibilities for architectural illumination which is quickly becoming the norm with increasing importance from an aesthetic point of view.

Planning is a crucial stage for all of our projects and allows us to provide schemes which always meet or exceed expectations. Utilising leading 3D software, Hona LED can provide highly detailed design plans outlining concepts and illumination/distribution levels.

Dealing with large scale projects at all stages has given us the ability to identify potential hurdles which can arise on lighting projects. Through testing and detailed technical analysis, Hona LED will systematically find the correct solution. Hona LED offer a comprehensive consultancy service for any stage of your project.

We can’t help but help and are always willing to assist in solving a lighting problem.
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