Energy Saving LED Schemes
In a time where people are more aware of their expenses, it is becoming increasingly important to look at lighting as a solution to reduce operational costs. LED lighting is far more efficient than traditional lighting technologies; therefore choosing the right LED can not only improve lighting levels and working conditions but also reduce our energy bills and Carbon Footprint.

Through careful planning and calculations, Hona LED are able to provide detailed cost/benefit reports for new or existing projects, delivering impressive schemes that fulfil the lighting brief and guarantee long term benefits from reduced energy consumption.
LED Lighting Simulations & Calculations
Choosing the right LED is vital to its performance and lighting effect. Luminaire spacing, mounting height & beam angles can all have distinct differences in the illumination of a space. Through photorealistic photometric simulations, we can present 3D renderings of each project to determine the best method of illumination; accurately identifying shadows or darker areas. Plans can be reviewed and adapted throughout the planning process.

Working to CIBSE guidelines, we can ensure that the correct level of illumination is met whether it is a retail space, office, sports field or manufacturing facility.
Value Engineering
It is often necessary to reduce project costs to keep within budget, replacing one product with another that performs the same function. Hona LED provide professional LED lighting solutions for small to large commercial and domestic projects. We can provide comparative or alternative LED lighting schemes, ensuring they are in line with your brief.
Technical Support
Many years of field experience in technical trouble shooting means Hona LED can provide comprehensive technical support for all aspects of lighting. Our areas of capability include dimming / loading, RGB / RGBW / RGBA control, fault finding, testing & installation.

Having the flexibility to offer our services during unsociable hours and at short notice, Hona LED can provide technical support at your convenience either on site or remotely.
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